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How Our System Works.

RecyclerApp harvests recyclables directly from post-consumers

RecyclerApp harvests recyclables directly from post-consumers thus generates very neat materials that have not been comingled with dirt, this adds huge value in the recycling process as it reduces the cost of washing and assures better quality material free from contaminants.
The collected recyclables are further processed at our Collection and Sorting HUBs (CoSoHUB) and thereafter sold to manufacturing/recycling plants who use the items as raw materials for the production of a wild

range of items, including but not limited to; polyester fiber, carpets, hangers, pegs, aluminum ingots, craft papers for making carton etc.

We operate a door to door, street to street, school to school and slum to slum collection of the following Recyclable items
Pure Water Sachets (PWS), PET Plastic Bottles (PET), Used Beverage Cans (UBC), Glass bottles (GBS), Old Newspapers (ONP)
and Brown Corrugated Cartons (BCC)

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